Two Home Learners Playing


Kids at PNE

Here they are! My two home learners! I got a third, but he is a teenager so was out with his girlfriend this day. He also is not home schooled or ever has been. I have come into home schooling educated at what the public system is about.  I hold no grudge against it at all aside from the normal every year complaints: no money for this that and the other thing that is important to the school, the teachers are way under supported, the yearly threat that the teachers will go on strike and/or that the school will be closed down ect. All of which does add up to a tiny part of why I am home schooling – well partly home schooling. These two go to school two days a week for half the day. The teacher supports all different aspects of the kids curriculum as well as their social development. She also supports me and answers my many questions.Which is why this blog is called ‘The Other Teacher’.

I do love the idea of the option of ‘partial home learning’ and truly wish that it exists. Although the program my children are in does have school 2 days a week it is entirely optional and I do not think the teacher calls it ‘partial home schooling’. The only reason why I call it that is because it is the closest and best way to describe to other people what I am doing. People have many questions when it comes to home schooling your children and I can not answer them all.  There is so many types of teaching that parents can choose from with home learning that I can not speak for anyone other then what I am doing and how it works. I do not mind answering most questions. Truly, the only question I do not like is ‘why?’. The answer is long with different aspects to it. People have a ton of questions with each aspect so it can lead into a few hour conversation which never actually occurs. How I teach is a lot of hands and with conventional paper work. I like the paper work for school as I can take a look back and see how far they have gone.

I have to admit, I have always kept 90% of my kid’s work every year. I have a massive box for my grade 11 with all his work since the first year of preschool which adds up to 14 years of school. Every so often I go through  it all to remember his life. So many memories with each squiggle and doodles hidden on the side or bottom of the pages.

I do a lot of the normal sit down and focus kind of  teaching for my home learners. I use the internet very little even. They spend too much time on the computer playing games and watching LPS mini vids on youtube for me to place them there for phonics fun. Mind you, I believe that we all learn how to read and spell and grammar through reading and spelling! Lots and lots of it. Which is easy for me to do as they both are avid readers. My 10 year old polishes off a novel every two days. My seven year old will be in that same space when she is at his age.

Anyways, these two was not doing anything at all in this photo that would have anything to do with learning. Simply having fun stacking tins at the PNE during the summer.


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