Renovations, Home Homelearning & A Fright

Never mind the ‘Big One’ that I have been preparing for since I was a child. Never mind hurricane force November winds. Never mind a pipe bursting in my unit before Christmas (never happened yet). These disasters can’t hold a candle to a renovation while home schooling my children. Imagine dust, nails on the windowsill, brooms lying in wait across the floor and music blaring throughout the barren rooms, now try teaching math in the middle of all of this.

I was told by my neighbour that I could use our community hall to teach the kids while we do the renovations, I said ‘oh it really shouldn’t a problem’.  Doh! Was I ever naive! Or stupid! Whichever you prefer.

I heard myself order several times to my 10 year old  ‘Go play video games!’  I told my daughter to that she may make a swimming pool for her petshops in her room with one of her buckets. Just to get them out of our hair while we paint.

Right now I am scared to go upstairs. Where they are with everything available to their reach. I pray they are staying out of their older brothers room, I am sure god will say yes to that request. He always says no whenever I ask if I can win the lottery.

I stare up the stairs, totally petrified of all that I may find. If I can imagine myself on a Ghost Hunter show, I would look like one of the hunters listening to elusive footsteps up the long hike of steps.

The good news is that all the hard part is done. The new doors have been up for a while now, the new floors down and everything freshly painted all upstairs. The bad news that they all could be in the process of being destroyed as I type. I can’t recall where the felts are.

Today we have started downstairs. Thank-fully all we are doing is painting. We got some professional painters in this time. Every other time we have painted was never a ‘we’. It was always a ‘me’ and I am a truly crappy painter. No matter how many times I watched how to paint on the home improvement shows I never seem to have gotten better.

If I had taken up the offer of the hall to home school my children they would be properly busy and stimulated with their work right now. Not bored, hyper and unmonitored. The water is on once again.

Later tonight, when I have time to think I may come up with excuses to tell their teacher as to why they haven’t done as much these past couple weeks. Maybe I can tell her that our dog ate the internet?  The truth is too hard to believe. Maybe.

Renovations are an unorganized and unstable pain the rear at the best of times. Home schooling takes focus and attention to the kids all the time.  I wish I have never mixed those . The water is still running.

Maybe she is taking a bath?



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2 responses to “Renovations, Home Homelearning & A Fright

  1. jaswrites

    I just stumbled upon your blog, Sir/Ma’am. And I am very surprised. It is fantastic! Your thoughts are flawlessly written. I feel the tension in your writing and know it to be true with the conviction in your words.
    I am now a fan of your blog and hope that you post often!

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