Is that a fish staring at me? YEP!

My son took that pic, he nearly drowned while doing so.

HAH! Just kidding. This photo was taken at the Capalano Fish Hatchery where they have large glass windows to view of salmon going upstream to lay their eggs. A truly amazing sight. When we took our kids there, my husband while reading something or rather on the wall fell behind us. When he caught up he was met with me going ‘OMG OMG you gotta take a look at this!’ and running back and forth from him to the windows. I have to say, watching fish jump upstream takes all adult out of us. My children were running back and forth from each window trying to fallow a the fish up. We must of spent a half an hour watching these salmon jump. I am so glad we went during a weekday when the place well mostly empty. We were able to explore each very cool part taking our sweet time at each place.

There are plenty of hours of trouble to come when we are done all the paper work we had planned to do that day and it is way before noon.

I look at my children and wonder ‘uh oh I got to give them something to do or else’. The hard part of starting to home learn is finding things for your children to do during the day. Especially if your children are intermediate. I am new-ish at home learning so I am still discovering what we can do to fill their days with interesting things that match their curriculum. As I began to search the web I have found all sorts of activities, societies, clubs and festivals I have never known before! As much as all these things are fun for my children, I too take a lot of pleasure.

I am in the middle of compiling a link list ( in the box to the left – thanks Beyonce ) of daytime activities for the kids. Of course most things will be in the Vancouver because I am from Vancouver, but it may help you find inspiration for excursions out of the house and into the world.


Amazing places! They offer more than row after row of crowded adventures and facts. Many Libraries offer us a glimpse into the art world.  You and your children can view some of your home grown artists creations for FREE! They can also offer story time for the kids little ones with animated story telling and poetry, sing a longs and quirky dances. If you are needing to find ways for your child to learn socialization, they often offer book clubs. In case you are not busy enough and if perhaps the book clubs are unsuitable for kids, inquire about starting one.

I just found a great book club!  ONE BOOK, ONE VANCOUVER hosts different activities than one would think book clubs would do. This November the book is “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. My children have watched the movie and my son does very much so want to read the book. It is his sort of humour and all about space ( Aden is a major Star Wars fan ). They have this cool thing going where you can “Learn how to illustrate your own guide to life, the universe and everything else with graphic novel artist Julian Lawrence.” It is open to all ages. I am TOTALLY THERE with my 2 little minds! I could not be more interested on what they will create and how they see the world and their place in it.

Community Centers Are AWESOMERRRRRR

Lucky for me I live in Vancouver where it seems every 15 blocks there is a community center. Community centers hold all sorts of classes from Science to dance. They also have monitored hang out nights for the pre-teens and teenagers. Aden is not quite old enough to go hang out yet, but when he is I hope he will be willing to go. Also, many little known societies leave their pamphlets and flyers there. Some of which may be of interest to you and your kids. Community Centers also seem to be the mecca of all resources parents  could ever hope and dream about. The cost for membership is very little, often less than 5 dallars. Check out your local community center and don’t be afraid to drop by other community centers.


There are so many types of museums out there and all of them rich with history, artifacts, and some even have special events and children activities.

Science ‘Places’

What else do I call them when there are different types and locations?  Here we have Telus World of Science, a Space Center and The Vancouver Aquarium as well smaller lesser knows science centers.   To see what kind of science centers to explore I would start at the community center and library.


Go swimming! Pull out your swim suite and wade into the cool clean water of your local pool. While you are there see if they have classes during the day or evening of week days for your children. These classes can be used as part of their gym course. (yes gym is a course, not a time filler as I suspected it was when I was a kid)

Parks and Playgrounds

Always fun for the kids. Try a new one every week or month. I do have to say that as much as I do like to take the kids to the park; I do get some funny looks from other parents (of toddlers usually) when my children come running and crashing into the swing sets at 2pm on a Wednesday. I have learned to ignore the look of ‘why aren’t those kids in school, they don’t look sick’ expression on their faces and enjoy watching my monkeys behave like monkeys.


Grab their boots, jackets blankets or towels and go for a drive to any part of natures boundary. You may end up finding a neat little trail. That is what I will be doing today. I will be taking the kids on a hike or a nature walk. Although it is cold out right now, it is not pouring nor is the wind blowing hard. I love to take the kids out in nature. I love it when they notice the little parts of the forest and get amazed at the size of the trunks of the trees. It would be a good time to talk to my daughter about her science she will be learning next semester – earth, water and space. I will have to be sure to have her bring her camera to take pictures of what she sees under her feet.

Is that it?

Nope. Of course there is the marvelous and massive resource that is the ‘algorithms’. Whether it is Google, Bing or Yahoo you use, do a quick search now and again and see what pops up. Do not be afraid to go farther than page 10 and I promise your computer won’t implode into tiny particle’s your then lost bookmarks if you hit page 30. Some of the most interesting festivals or groups or courses are small and newly created with not that great SEO.


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