Who does the report cards belong to when you are the teacher?

The natural ownership of the report cards have always been the kids. The work is theirs that they either do or do not, and do well or do poorly. But since now I am their primary teacher does that change this?

Last week I handed another thick folder of work for each of my children just in time for the teacher to do the report cards. Which she did this past week. But I wonder now, if my children get a low grade would that be because I didn’t do a good job teaching them?

This is the second report card the kids will be getting when home learning. I feel terribly anxious about it. I feel more anxious this time round than last time too.

Last Friday, I met with the kids teacher to go through everything we have been doing. She already knew of the renovations we were doing so she knew we hadn’t done as much this term as we did last term ( I didn’t have to lie to her after all). Still, we tend to do more than many parents who home learn because I have gone through the school system and know how much work gets done at a school. I try to ensure that we do more than what they would do in a classroom. Home learners don’t have as many distractions as regular school kids, so home learners can do more in a day. Also, the whole one on one teaching thing kids will always learn more by.

The kids feel totally fine and when playing with their friends their age group they seem to be at par or better then their public school friends. Still, I wonder how their report cards will look like. If they get a low grade I feel like I too got the low grade. If they get a high grade I would get a sense of relief.

Done & Still Going

They are done the curriculum for the term already. I am amazed how quickly this fall has gone by. I almost feel we just started getting back into the rhythm of school and here we are practicing for their Christmas concert. I got asked that if the kids are done for this term, what on earth are they going to be doing? Watching T.V.? NO. I learned (the hard way I might add) in my short 16 years of parenting that bored children are bad children. Children tend to get mischievous, anxious and angry if their little minds are not stimulated. Their instinct is to learn and learn lots and is the driving force of everything they do and feel. So to keep boredom and bad behavior at bay we are still doing school work.

Right now until winter break we will be doing what I dubbed as ‘the four constants: math, grammar, reading, spelling’.

Especially spelling for my grade 2er. She loves to write all kinds of letters and signs and contracts when at play. It seems as though she asks me how to spell this word or that word every 15 seconds for about an hour, 3 times a day. Although she has to learn how to spell many particular words as part of being in grade 2 to to get into grade 3, she also has to learn how to spell many other words as part of keeping mommy sane. I am making a list of all the words she asked me how to spell and the next day we write them out a few times, then play flash card with them where she sings the spelling. She is a musical little performer so does better memorizing when in song. These 2 ways to learn to spell really do the trick, but when I am busy with my grade 5er I put her on online web spelling games. I have no idea if internet spelling games actually teach kids anything at all but they are very good at keeping kids busy while resembling work.

With everything I am doing to teach her to spell I fully expect an ‘Exceeds Expectations’ on her spelling part of her report card. Or at least ‘Parent is meeting expectation in doing everything within her power to teach spelling to get this kid off her back.’

Except hang man. We haven’t started to play hang man yet. I got a cool large dry erase board too just hanging above our computer screen like it’s second in line. I think next week I will pick the dry erase board before the computer and play hang man with the kids.

I am trying to remember any other spelling games teachers had us play when I went to school. Can you think of any?


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