Shut in at 10 cm of Snow.

Who am I kidding, on the threat of snow I become a shut in.

Last Thursday, I woke up to a blanket of snow covering every piece of ground God gave us.  That day my grade 5er and I were going to go on a field trip to the Orchestra.  An exertion he was not looking forward  to already. He has gone in years past and we can always go again in the spring, but he would have to go with his sister then. I scanned the sky looking for hope that it may let up so we can go. The sky resembled the ground, pure white except with little twinkles dancing around it.

I sighed, then turned on the news. There, on the screen is a picture of a small and now white part of my neighbourhood. Not a second later a brave news lady poked her head into the shot and went on to explain that moments ago a city bus got stuck as it attempted the hill and people had to push it up. This would be the same bus my grade 5er and I would have to take to get to the orchestra.

“We, are soo not going anywhere!” I proclaimed into the empty living room.

We didn’t go anywhere either on Wednesday, nor on Tuesday solely because of the threat of snow.

I love snow to be honest. But I am from Vancouver and know what it is like traveling in it here. At one point of time I worked. I actually got up early, had a shower and got dressed into a nice suit and went to a place where I got paid. Even when it snowed I would go. I recall times I left for work 20 minutes early and would wait for the bus not to arrive for another 30 minutes and then crammed myself into a sky train to get there 40 minutes late on the days that it snowed. I recall other times leaving 40 minutes early and getting on the bus 30 minutes late to arrive at the sky train just to find out it was shut down. Then taking the bus to another loop to wait 30 minutes for a packed bus to arrive to show up at work an hour and a half late. All in a high healed boots, I might add.

I don’t work outside the home anymore and really do not wish to go through traveling in the snow again, to get anywhere for any reason. (other than if someone was terribly sick and in the hospital)

So we took a snow day! I informed my son on the change of plans and with a big smile on his face he hugged me. I felt awesome!

After breakfast, I was still had that ‘I’m an awesome mom’ feeling feeding my energy. I gathered up their snow gear and stuffed my excited kids into them. Then, as the pristine snow twinkled on the field my children ran through it kicking it around. They grabbed little piles of the snow and threw it for my dog to catch. My dog, Max, ran through the new snow desperately searching for that white ball the kids just threw, but to no avail. So he decided to chase the kids down the hill while they slid. With their sleigh’s they pressed down the snow on that hill so much that it looked light green. Eventually, a little dandelion was spotted and picked by me for my daughters snow women.

I love Calvin & Hobbes

We spent 2 hours romping around in the soft new snow then came in to eat and then we went back out in it again.

We, together as a happy little destructive family, pulverized the new snow. There was not one spot in that park that was not touched. We have never done that before. A year ago, there was no snow so forget a year ago, but the year before the kids had to wait until they were out of school before going out into the snow. However, the snow was always been played in before they got out there.  But not this year! For once it was us. It was so cool!

Yeah, we could have been learning a little more math. However, my argument against that is that home learning is considered private school or private education and all the private school’s were closed due to the 10 cm of snow. So I closed off our school section of the house and had a day to remember instead.


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