Stocking Stuffer ‘Wife-Saver’ Recipe

By now I am sure you have laid everything out to get a visual of what is there when you notice…only 2 or 3 items for the kid’s stocking. The vision of your child staring at a flat neglected stocking flashes before your eyes. You need to fix this now, before the tears and the thousand of dollars worth of therapy.

There are only a few days of shopping and a gazillion of things still to do and only a few dollars left . What on earth are you going to do?

Take a run to the dollar store! But before you go; make a plan. Know what you are going to buy because as we all know we can never walk out of a good dollar store only spending 3 dollars. I have many times walked into a dollar store with the intention of buying just a couple of things and $20.00 later…I am coming up with excuses as to why I just bought what I did. I think on a Christmas panic I can come out of there spending $50.00 easy!

So make your list and check it twice.

Here are some suggestions coming from a mother with a very typical apathetic 16 year old boy. If there will make him smile, then they can do the same for any kid! I have seen these same items in many dollar stores so I feel safe you can find them at your local spot.

Blank Puzzle – Your children, regardless of age, can create their own puzzle. It is also a great keep kids busy while mommy cooks a Christmas meal for many. I have seen a few small ones that will fit in a larger stocking.

Pencils Crayons and Felts – I think all of us know that we can never have enough of those! With the new puzzle they just got they work perfectly.

Paint – I found that there are good non toxic paint as well as good craft paint at the dollar stores. The craft paint is great for older children.

Fun Christmas Pencils – Christmas season gifts are always fun for the children. (okay, so not good for a 16 year old boy but is good for younger ages)

Pencil Topper’s – If your child has a ton of pencils already you may just want to pick up a few fun and funky topper’s for them. (also not a nice little gift for a 16 year old  boy)

Stickers – They used to be very popular when I was a kid and although not as much now a days, the children still have a lot of fun with them.(okay I admit, not all these are good for 16 year old boys)

Play Dough – Oh what fun they will have.  As a bit of an experienced parent, I would say get the small tubs if your children are young. They will use it up fast and you do not have to worry about your carpet getting destroyed)

Christmas Drawing Pads – I have found a few small cute ones I know the kids will have fun with and my teenager can doodle on.

Gloves – I have been seeing some really great gloves at dollar stores lately. If your children are young it is always a good idea to have a few pair around as one glove always goes missing somehow.

Ugly Christmas SocksThe young kids will find them awesome and the older ones will have something to wear at an ugly christmas sweater party next year. Win! Win! Oh heck with it – pick another pair up for your hubby too.

Funny Saying Magnets – No one can resist them. I have yet to see the area around where these are sold void of people giggling to themselves. A great little gift for the older child.

A Christmas Tree Decoration – A little something special that will make your Christmas morning a little magical.

Here are somethings you may wan to avoid purchasing from the dollar store:

A Copy Barbie Doll – the legs always fall off as soon as your daughter starts to undress her. To avoid tears or an hour trying to fix her and a now legless naked fake barbie kicking around your house. Do not buy it.

Toy guns – not for the moral of it but because they ten to brake very easy too.

Plastic Food – I have found that they always fold in easily.Then the seems break. Then your child gets pinched.

Finger Paints – Unless you live in a sunny location where they can play with it outside, try to avoid. You are already very busy that day so why add washing paints off your wall to your itinerary?

Beads – I know they love them and they are great for dexterity but they will end up everywhere if you are not there keenly watching where they roll.

Well there you have it! A little list of ideas that can start you off on your list for stuffing a stocking in a panic!

Have fun!



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2 responses to “Stocking Stuffer ‘Wife-Saver’ Recipe

  1. When I was growing up we would find a couple of toys and then fruits and nuts in our stockings. Great filler!

    I always buy my children a new Christmas ornament – something that fits with their interests. So that always goes in their stockings. Then they get some candy. I’ll usually throw a gift card in there (sometimes I get these free as “gift with purchase” kind of things and I just save them for the stockings). If the grandparents choose to send money instead of gifts that goes in the stockings as well. It’s definitely enough to keep them all happy!

    BTW, came over from the Hip Homeschool Hop.

  2. Yes.. nuts in a stocking. That is a fantastic idea! My children love all kinds of nuts. I am going to have to remember to put those in next year.

    Of course money in a stocking. Doh! that is a quick fixer upper for the unstuffed stocking. I don’t think children would mind a flat stocking if there is cash inside. That is also a great idea.

    Thank-you for stopping by!

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