Breakdown of Changing Education Paradigms Part 1

One home learning mommy point of view…

Okay, so I do have a few things to say about this video. The one in the post below. In fact I have a few thoughts on each point he makes. As well as some other information I think would have made the video way too long to hold our attention.

school system in a nutshell So in the picture above he is talking about how the public school began. He tells of how the great minds thought it was not possible to educate children from working class ect ect. All very interesting but what he did not tell is the reason why we have summer vacation.Which goes a long with the great minds of the earlier centuries thoughts that children from lower classes can not be educated.

In an article A Brief History of: Summer Vacation in TIME,  Alex Altman explains what the thinking was when they were reforming the education system. The great minds actually thought that when children go to school all year round the poor little minds will go insane.

I read somewhere else in an actual book some years ago (really I have no details on this) that the ‘great mind’s’ actually thought that kids brains will explode if they went to school year round.

To prevent a whole generation of kids brains from popping or children running wildly trying to escape the voices in their heads (and to close the educational gap between the rural kids and the urban), they created summer vacation.

Our children going insane from going to school year round is a medical theory that is still believed to be true. Seriously, in today’s age they really do believe that kids will go insane from going to school year round. (by the way, this medical advice given from the same people who believed that ‘bleeding’ is a cure all. )

Do you find this insulting? I hear my inner child scream at this when I hear it. It’s like they think that kids are too stupid or fragile to go to school year round.

If you are not insulted, please go tell your children that there forefathers and the powers that be believe that children will go insane if they learn all year. Watch your child’s facial expression. Mine had a shock/confused look upon their faces until they said “That’s just stupid.”

I agree. Summer vacation is stupid. Dare I say, summer vacation creates stupidity.

It is discovered by the more awake people of today that kids lose information during summer vacation. Sometimes everything they learned the entire year. Think back and you will recall a good portion of the first semester dedicated to reminding you of what you learned the year before. What a waist of time.

With this information (that we are finally recognizing) we need to flip that old piece of ‘medical advice’ on it’s head or beat it out of existence. And hopefully one day school will be year round.

By the way, as a mother of 3 who did not always home school, I can tell you that kids go insane during summer vacation due to lack of stimulation aka boredom.

But now I home school so my kids learn all year round and I have yet to see bleeding from the ears or nervous ticks.

(I got a little bit of the Christmas cranks – sorry)


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