I wanted to…procrastinate?

I wanted to…

make a post wishing everyone Merry Christmas in a light fluffy post complete with a internet radio link with ragae Christmas songs.

……on the eighth day of Christmas the rent man came to me….”

I wanted to…

make a post telling everyone how our Christmas went. How hubby and I stayed up until 4:30am putting together a doll house and how we were thinking about changing Christmas up a bit. Here are a couple of convo’s after 3:00 Christmas morning.

Me ~ wrapping

Teenager ~ we are having a ghetto Christmas?

Me ~ what? NO!

Teenager ~ your wrapping with newspaper mom.

Me ~ with lots of cloth ribbon kid.

Teenager ~ overlapping the obituaries?

Me ~ oh…opps.

Teenager ~ see? a ghetto Christmas.

Me ~ this is the new thing a lot of people will be coming to do soon enough. you know the recycling and what not.

Teenager ~ silence*

Me ~ I’m trying to be a proper yuppy vancouver mom..k!?

Teenager ~ ghetto.

Sometime later….

Hubby ~ Why don’t we just hide all the Christmas presents around the house?

Me ~ ummm..

Hubby ~ yeah the kids can go around looking for them.

Me ~ we would still have to wrap them.

Hubby ~ nope. they can just find them.

Me ~ haha yeah, we can just tell them that santa got high and thought he was the easter bunny.

I would let you all in some of the other ones, but I am not sure what language we were speaking by 4 am.

I wanted to…

write a post about we can learn about Christmas as part of home schooling. Then I realized we didn’t learn anything at all other than there can never be too much coffee.

I wanted to…

wash my windows but I wanted  to do that since October. No let down, really.

I wanted to…

write a post about last year. I attempted to then realized that 2010 sort of suckered and really ought to be kept hidden away or totally forgotten. ‘It didn’t happen..it didn’t happen…it didn’t happen…

I wanted to…

read some other home learning blogs but then noticed that most of them do not have new posts. Weird. You’d think that us home learning parents would be used to our kids being home all the time.

I wanted to…

take my kids out but then it snowed every where but around where I live. I do not dooo traveling in snow. So I took down our Christmas decorations instead.

I wanted to…

bathe my dog and I did! I achieved one of my goals this week! He is so soft and fluffy when clean.

I wanted to write a post for the new year. Here it is!


Happy New Year!



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2 responses to “I wanted to…procrastinate?

  1. Yes, I’m guilty of at least one or two of your ( I wanted to!) post.

    • haha yeah! I think many of us are during the in between time of Christmas and New Years. The week seems to be the longest week of the year probably because of the amount we have to do and the amount of change that happens. Thanks for stopping by!

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