3 in 30

So this past week was the first week of back to partial home learning. We woke up late on Tuesday and then again on Thursday which are the days the kids go to their actual school.  I dragged my butt the each of those mornings which made for a doing nothing day but not meaning to. (there is still piles of clean laundry on my couch and scraps of paper in every corner and the kids room floor is made up of pet shops and halo figures) Normally when the kids actually go to school I do some errands and/or cleaning and calling of friends and what not. It totally was not my intention to stay curled up with my favorite blanket and watch the Dusk channel all day.

I had bad dreams last night.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is the days we do home school. We did pretty good but did not cover any socials. If I had done my errands I would have picked up the books they need at the Library so we can begin. But the parts I am most embarrassed about is that I lagged those days as well. We didn’t start anything until 11:00 am. It took me forever to get showered, fed and dressed.

So as part of my 3 in 30 challenge I am now participating in from The Tuckers Take Tennessee – I am going to go back to my old routine.

First, I really have to get up at 6am. I need to drink my coffee and watch the news in peace.  The day never feels like it starts when I begin by playing hide and go seek with my coffee. When the kids and I wake up at the same time I really do not get that time to drink a full cup of jo and a glimpse of Vancouver through Mark (our weather guy). When we are all awake I am always moving from one room to  another and sometime in between I put my coffee down. I have found my coffee in the laundry room and bathroom and the hallway chair. By the time I find it the coffee has gone cold. ew. I end up pouring 5 cups of coffee but only drinking about a half a cup then my husband accuses me of drinking the whole pot.sigh*

Second, I need to start making lists on something a little more permanent than my memory again. Lately I have been keeping mental notes of what needs to be done which means nothing is being done. Not because my memory is bad but because I get distracted by the kids, the dog and my husband so everything I make a note to remember gets replaced by the absorption of their noise (my husband being the loudest – whats with husbands anyways? they always forget where they put their keys or wallet or need help with something or can’t make a decision or is that just mine?).  My white dry erase board is great and all that is on there right now is the quote of the week for the kids and the date of when we have to pay a bill. There is tons of space left for my list of must do’s before I get riddled with guilt.

Thirdly, I am going to attempt to go out a little more with the girls. I don’t mean girls night all the time, going for coffee is good too. Any time away from everyone who has ever called me ‘mom’ is perfect! Us moms can easily lose ourselves in that name which makes life miserable for everyone. Once in a while being around people who only know you by your first name and only has seen you with your make up on are very much needed.

So those are my 3 in 30 I need to do for a nice organized clean happy home or one that I can tidy in 10 minutes that has filled cupboards.

Is there anyone else who is slacking so far this year? Do you have any other suggestions of things I can do to get my arse in gear that I can use for next months 3 in 30?



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4 responses to “3 in 30

  1. What a great blog! I am so jealous that you have the option of partial homeschooling. I homeschool my 11 and 8 year old girls and while I do love it, I would love a little bit of time home alone.

    I really liked what you wrote about the books. I try to cull the herd every few months, keeping only the favorite books. It is hard though!

    Thanks again for your blog!


    • Thank-you! I am very grateful for the option of partial home learning. Right now it is still a pilot project but with the numbers of enrollment going up by 2 each month it seems it will stay. *crosses fingers*

  2. I love these goals! So excited for you to join us for the 3 in 30 Challenge!

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