Word-eee Wednesdays

Word Wednesdays

Okay so I totally admit that the first Wordeee Wednesday was a little too hard and abstract for the kiddos. So this time I want to try something a little more easy. My daughter took this picture of a duck. Your child can write a little story or poem to go with it using the word provided by NOT by Dictionary.com the words are too hard even for us adults to use; but WordCentral which is for kids!

Yay! but I have to tell you the buzzword is a little weird too, but oh well I think it may work? Maybe? Well we will try and see how it goes!



bedlam (noun)


What does it mean?

: a place or scene of uproar or confusion

How do you use it?

There was total bedlam when Phil broke open the pinata and all the kids ran screaming and scrambling to grab the falling candy and toys.





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2 responses to “Word-eee Wednesdays

  1. I have trouble being wordless with the photo meme! Bedlam is such a nice, chewy word!

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