What day is it?

You know the dream when you show up to work or school undressed or still in your pj’s? You know the one. The one when you think you woke up and ate and feeling confidant filled with energy you made your way. You showed up to your destination and chatted with a few people. Great convo’s too! You sat at your desk and get called up in front. You, with all confidence walk to the front. You turn around and greet your audience. Then everyone starts to stare at you. You hear giggles and see whispers amongst your peers. You feel perplexed. You wonder if you spilled something on yourself. So you look down and there…before your eyes and every one else’s… is the reason.

You are either stark naked or in your favorite pink unicorn pj’s and fluffy bunny slippers!

Terror comes over you. You try to leave your spot but you feel crowded by the  laughter and stares. You run but get no where. Your shaking. Embarrassed and sweating you wake up.


A dream that may have only last just a few seconds but might as well have been all 6 hours you slept. You try to shake your dream. You try to convince yourself that you are not that silly and would actually never do that.

You start to make plans to ensure that never ever never ever never ever never ever ever ever ever ever happens in real life!

Well I almost made this dream come to reality today for my children!

The problem is that I have no idea what date it is!

I know that it is Tuesday but which Tuesday in the month no clue what-so-ever! I only know it is Tuesday because the kids go to school today. Every Tuesday and Thursday.

I almost sent my children to school today in their PJ’s!

NEXT Tuesday – not today – is PJ day at the kids school.

Next Tuesday – not today – the kids are aloud to wear their pajamas to school as part of a read a thon the school is doing.

Next Tuesday – not today – the school is my daughters idea to raise some money. My children are part of a little group to come up with some neat fund-raising ideas. It was my daughters idea to have a pj day. My daughter is very idea to see your idea work!

Next Tuesday – not today – she will see it happen. Her idea come to real life.

Next Tuesday – not today – she will get dressed into her favorite pj’s and go to school.

Next Tuesday. Not today.

Thank-fully I re-read the school newsletter this morning. Thank-fully the news said today’s date around the same time. A minor miracle that I am so grateful for.



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3 responses to “What day is it?

  1. My school nightmare one time involved me standing naked behind my podium, and my pajamas were carefully draped over the podium like a flag on display. ARGH!!!!!

  2. hahaha! Oh good lord in front all those students? That would be a terrible dream.

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