(Partial) or (Distributed) Home (School) or (Learn)? Clarity?

I learned something last Tuesday and it had nothing to do with the date!

Us parents in the home learners program got together in a meeting that oddly resembled a PAC meeting.

In the school our kids attend 2 days a week we pushed a few tables together and sat in a circle. With the principle present we began talking.

Then a question came up that I do not recall but it sparked a 5 minute discussion/explanation/definition/confusion/ that surprised myself and every other parent there…

We DO NOT home school….We home learn.


Eh? There is a difference???


Apparently yes.


I always thought that  home school and home learn are one of the same. I just used both terms home school or home learn to spice up the convo a bit.  Replacing school with learn keeps people listening (maybe).

I bet you thought the same thing! Every one us sure did. You wanna know what the difference is?


Home School – parents create their own curriculum

Home Learn – parents follow the curriculum created by the school board

Home School – no records are kept aka no report cards

Home Learn – records are kept aka report cards

Home School – do not graduate with the proper diploma

Home Learn – graduate with a proper diploma

Very different right? Sounds almost opposite from each other but there are the things about them that are the same:


Home School – parents create their own curriculum that generally follow the curriculum created by the school boards

Home Learn – parents follow the curriculum created by the school boards as well as created their own curriculum (that may have nothing to do with the mandatory curriculum).

Home Schoolrecords are kept by the parents that gets used for their children to take courses so they can get a proper diploma

Home Learnrecords are kept by the parents and are passed on to their teacher for reviewing/filing or whatever so they can get a proper diploma

Of course and goes without saying but I should say anyways…

Both learning takes place at home.

So now they sound almost the same! Almost not even worth recognizing the difference. Right? I think I will tell people that home learning is almost home schooling.

So…. it is still a bit confusing but you can see the little iddy bitty difference between the two. I think we can all see how both are not one of the same.


At this point you learned that putting either the words school or learn after the word home may keep people interested in our ramblings but mean two different things.

Are you feeling comfortable?

Good, lets get you confused again!


Us home learning parents in this particular program actually do distributed learning.


Eh? What the crap is that (right)??

Distributed learning is when the parents teach %60 and the teacher does %40.

Home learning does not mean that teachers teach part or any of the curriculum. Home learning also means that parents teach all of the curriculum.





So we do almost home learning? Just like we almost home school?


At the end of the meeting I left there wondering how the hell am I teaching my children! By the time I got home I thought I should just keep using the term partial home learning.


Until I am corrected by another confusing conversation with the administrator.


Ray of light?



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8 responses to “(Partial) or (Distributed) Home (School) or (Learn)? Clarity?

  1. Ah, schooling versus learning..yes there is a huge difference between the two! That’s what my blog is all about. Great post.

  2. I hope we’re not going to be tested on this post….sounds like someone (or a group of someones) was sitting around with time on their hands so they decided to come up with uniquely weird titles and definitions. Oh boy.

    I still think we home school.


    Stuff and Nonsense

  3. edu-speak…gotta love it! Or not. pffft.

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