Mini Worlds for Grade 2 Science

My daughter, who is in grade 2, has to learn earth, air and soil this year as part of her science. Since the fall I have had her become more aware of clouds, wind, rain and the snow by taking photo’s and asking her lots of questions.

I also had her build a terrarium and monitor it.

First we took a very quick (3 hours) shopping trip to the garden center with a budget of $20.00 (we end up spending about $50.00) with the plan of getting just a few plants (we got 13 including a venus fly trap).

Then left for home to build the mini world. We were prepared and excited.

I took the clear glass cookie jars (that are always empty) from the kitchen and brought them outside. Following very strict instructions to create a mini world I created the worst mess my husband has ever seen on our patio table.

Here is how to build a terrarium:

  1. Drop a layer about 1/4″ to 1″ of pea pebbles, small rocks or glass stones along the bottom. This is for drainage.
  2. Then put a layer of activated charcoal over the small pebbles. The charcoal filters the water.
  3. Now place a layer of sphagnum moss over the charcoal. I would recommend to wet the moss first as when it is dry it takes a lot more space.
  4. Now time for the soil. Look at the plants you purchased root system. Make sure you put enough soil to be able to plant the plant.
  5. Plant your plants. Fun!
  6. Mist your mini world with water or do what I did which was just poured a bunch in without measuring.
  7. Cover and put by a window to catch some sun.

Today, she has to answer some questions and do some colouring so we can hand in her project to her teacher tomorrow.

If you are interested in building one as a project I found two cute ideas that anyone can do!

That is a light bulb! Could it be more cooler?


Instead of throwing out your old energy sucking light bulbs you can follow the instructions from The Hipster and make one into a mini world.

Here is another super cute, super easy and super cheap terrarium that kids can make from Free Kids Crafts. I wish I had seen this before.

You can always make a bottle mini world using soda bottles. That idea has been around since I was a kid. I recall building one in my grade 2 class and all the plants died. This was because we kept them on top of the heater in the classroom. She was an excellent teacher but a poor gardener.

Have you built one? What did you use?



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2 responses to “Mini Worlds for Grade 2 Science

  1. KLo

    I am a teacher, and it is so amazing to me what some parents are willing to put into the education of their children! Your kiddos are very fortunate to have you : )

    Oh, and I’m planning to build a terrarium with my own first grader … what a neat idea and opportunity!

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