History or TheStory


This part 2 of term 2 I have to teach my 10 year old son the gold rush and the fur trade and the impact they had on Canada.

The fur trade is the part of which I will have to split into two (maybe): what the government says and what really happened.

You see, the fur trade has still a very direct hold on my family. If it was not for the fur trade my peoples rights may not exist.  Louise Riel would not have been inspired to do something at the age of 6 when he witnessed a hanging of a Metis man. The Metis man was tried and hung for the very serious, despicable, discussing and evil crime of trading of fur without permission.

My family was there during the Metis Revolution. In fact, my great  (add some more) grandfather was one of Luise Riel advisers and friend. My family went on to establish the Garneau homestead in Alberta and from there we had babies and moved and had babies and moved and had babies and moved. We are every where now in every career from astronaut to zoologist. But we are all still connected and bound together because we all hold dear where we came from and what happened.

The hold is so strong that we still talk about Laurent and Alexander Garneau as well as Luise Riel like it is still happening. Like they are uncles still alive in the prairies.

Which confuses the young ones when they learn the history.

What? That happened when?? The 1800’s??”



Followed by..

“Why are we still talking about it now all the time?

“Because what happened is what made us who we are.”



3 Flags of Metis People - David Garneau

And we are still figuring out some things.


We got 2 flags.

One Blue. One Red. The Metis Flag (s) is (are) the first flag (s) created in Canada.

Being raised in the generation I was raised in I wouldn’t mind if we just picked one already! Blue or Red. HBC or North-West Company.


Heck with it! Lets make it PURPLE! (royalty – bwahahhaha)

And our language is dying. Michif. It was also the official bartering language amongst the fur traders.


These are examples of the things I will be teaching my son about the fur trade and the impact it had on Canada.

Fur Trade Impact On Canada:


Striped Blankets


and hoodies...


....a new culture and race of people..

..and a revolution.



I think VSB might be wanting him to learn other things when it comes to the fur trade that has nothing to do with us Metis.


"May Tea" by David Garneau


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