Word-eee Wednesdays

A whole lot late. I totally forgot today was Wednesday! So sorry…this shall never happen again.

I am a whole lot sleepy today so here is a photo to wake us up…1 hour before bedtime.


This is my car!



it totally is




you should be…


one day…


it’s not mine.




I fell in love with this car a few years ago when my husband dragged myself and the kids to a car show. When I say I fell in love I mean fireworks, choirs and cherubs fluttering around with arrows! I mean the thought of this car makes me HAPPY! So HAPPY my husband gets jealous. He should be. The day that I get this car he may never see me again. I will be living breathing, sleeping and working for this car only.

The thought of this beautiful thing is what gives me energy.

He actually said one day to me “If you ever get that car sorry hun, but I won’t know how to drive it.”

I said..

You think I will ever let you near my car?!”


Anyways..one of my favorite things in the world is now your muse.




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