Metal Rabbit: something I can’t eat.

Today I took a look at my FaceBook page and noticed it is the year of the metal rabbit.

This year is going to suck I thought because I am a fire snake.

metal rabbit vs fire snake

The rabbit is going to win. every time.

Darn it.







Then I looked deeper it seems that this year is going to be calm and orderly. Peaceful even.

This maybe due to the fact a snake will choke on a metal rabbit so won’t try to eat the tempting thing.

Darn it.

I rarely have ever eaten rabbit and was a little looking forward to it since the tiger kicked my butt all over the place last year.

From my understanding and according to the horoscope that darn pesky cat kicked most of our butts.

To celebrate the year of the rabbit and all the peace and rest we all will feel I found some little activities kids will enjoy.

All these files are in pdf format.

Find the Rabbits


A boggler (not blogger like what I thought it read the first time.)

Dot to Dot Rabbit

Colouring page.

Colouring page.

A chart.

To find more activities for your kids go to Activity Village.

And I will leave you with my song of the year! A year full of peace and calm and order and ……..sigh*



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2 responses to “Metal Rabbit: something I can’t eat.

  1. Okay, I finally have a reason I why I had an aggressive year last year, since I believe I am a tiger. Nice post. Also, I like how artistic your blog looks.

    • Thanks! I used to in my former net life own a website that created templates and backgrounds and what not. Right now I am using all my strength to NOT get the programs I need to make those again LOL. I fear if I do this blog will have a new look everyday rofl. I too am so glad to know that it was just the year that caused all that gruff :D.

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