Fur Trade & Crap

I get asked a lot by people how I am I teaching the children to ensure they are getting all the information they need. Some others have mentioned to me that most home schoolers miss a lot. I have sent them my blog url to show them what I am doing and to answer some of their questions but I have noticed that I have not put too much up on what I am using and what I am doing.

I made a post past week about the fur trade. It was rather tongue and cheek. So on this post I am putting what I am actually using and doing….then my husbands response.

The below text book is all about the Hudson’s Bay Company. From it’s conception until they started in retail.


Below is a textbook all about the trade routes the fur traders used.

This next text book is all about the explorers.

The below text book is all about the fur traders. Names of the most famous and their day to day lives.


The below text book is all about the forts.

These are true text books. Inside there are project ideas and how to’s such as biulding a fort with popsicle sticks which is what we will be doing this weekend. There is also time lines and questions that gets them to think.

What he does with them is read them.

Poor kid.

That is a whole lot of information and I am sorry to say not one of the writers have any amount of a sense of humour.

Poor kid.

One of my many parts of this is to write out lists of questions that he has to answer. That means I have to read these text books.

Poor me.

That is a whole lot of information and I am sorry to say not one of the writers have any amount of a sense of humour.

Poor me.

He will also have to create a time line and write an essay on one of the important people in regards to the fur trade. It will be Louise Reil. Like duhhhh

In the outskirts of the city I live there is a tourist attraction/museum that is a fort like the ones in the fur trade days. (it is located in our very own mini bible belt – surprised?) We will be going to visit there and taking a lot of photo’s. He will be doing a photo presentation at his school.

My husbands response when he took a look at what he is reading and doing is this…

“If he is reading and doing all of that than he is learning a lot more about the fur trade than we ever did.”


This is very true. The reason is because I have the time and my son has the time. The other reason is because I can get a hold of the resources he needs to learn and do what he needs to do. Time and resources are the two things that teachers wish, dream, beg and pray for but do not get. To top off not getting what they and the students need every year more funding and more resources gets stripped away from them.

Also, something I get accused of for home learning my children is that I do not support the teachers. Like me home learning is a personal attack on the schools. Well no…not at all. I do now as much as before believe that schools are respectable institutions and need to be treated as such. But it is a message to the government who runs the whole show that us parents are going to put our kids education before their bureaucracic crap.

From my understanding teachers are trying to show the government the same thing with all the itty bitty power they have. They are trying and I think all the power to them! I got their back! I am just uncertain what to do to help….




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4 responses to “Fur Trade & Crap

  1. You know the best support of teachers is to just do your own thing and do it well. Seems like you are! I enjoyed your post.

  2. yes, I have met people who seem to take it personally that I homeschool. The way I see it, I live in a very overcrowded area, with a big low-income/English learners population…I am freeing up seats in overcrowded classrooms for the kids who cannot be taught at home (because their parents both have to work many hours, they cannot speak English, or whatever the reasons) and freeing up classroom resources and a teacher’s attention for the other children.

    Beyond that, my kids are not here for the social good, I desire a quality education for them, and right now, this is how we accomplish that goal.

    • I live in the same kind of area and our schools have the same problems here it seems. I agree and I think I will tell them ‘hey though – I am freeing up seats aren’t I?’ Although I wonder what there response would be like…I am with you on the quality education front 😀

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