V is for…..

So today after some talk we decided to take our selves to Granville Island. I have to say it is a great place to take the kids on a V-day because inside the Kids Market they have Adventure Land where you can just pay a few dollars and the kids in.

Hubby and I then went out on a date of sorts. But a sort of date is better than no date and we will take any kind of date we can get!

We were able to take a look at very cool toys like marionettes that you can not buy at big box toy stores. We played with the dress up hats and almost talked ourselves into buying $60.00 cool rain boots for the kids. About every 15 minutes we would go back to the jungle gym noise jamboree and check to see if the kids were still there and alive (never mind unbruised and happy).

The whole entire time I thought about all the blog perfect pics I could be taking. I must be getting a little blog minded. But oh well. I really wish I had as when I googled looking for pics I saw nothing that would be good or anything I would be able to post without breaking the law.

After which we grabbed he kids and went to the Market where we ate an assortment of sugary treats. This was a very bad idea and something I really should have known better.

We went to the van. We tucked them both into their seats and belts and drove off into the traffic.

“Geez I hope they don’t puke.” my husband said with a slight giggle.

My daughter heard that and just like the good little actress she is, she began to pretend to puke.

She pretended some more.

And some more…. even after my warning.

Then puked.

All over her lap.

All over the car seat…

and in her hair.

This upset my son. The kind of upset that would start a tornado or tsunami.

“OMG! Why did you do that? EW! IT Stinks! Why?!…….”

(I tried to explain that was an accident and that she really did not think she could actually make herself puke)

Then little noises came from the back of his throat.

They got a little louder.


All over his lap and the back of my seat….

was his puke!

My daughter started laughing at him. He was very upset.

Then puked some more.

By now she had a mini mountain of chocolate puke and toilet paper formed on her little lap.

I looked back at her, then at him..

then I lost it.

I started laughing. I could not stop!

My husband asked very politely “WHY AREN’T YOU DOING ANYTHING?!”

“What can I do they are all the way back there?” I really tried to say. But I think that sounded more like HAHHAhahaha breath HHAHABWAHAHAHA breath….

I had my head hung the window laughing so hard I was crying.

Eventually I looked over at my husband and noticed that his window was still up.

“Why don’t you put your window down?”

“I can’t” he explained ” the window is stuck.”

He was stuck in the stench of chocolate vomit!

That got me going again.

And like the good mother and wife that I am I spent the rest of the car ride home laughing at the puke twins and my gassed husband.

When we got home and got cleaned up and calmed down I remembered something….

V is for Vomit



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6 responses to “V is for…..

  1. I love this post! Your story is so funny. I am following from HHH as well. It sounds as through you had an awesome day, even including the puke. Funny how when we say something it comes true. I hope you were able to get the car cleaned and refreshed. Have a wonderful rest of the week. By the way, when I saw V is for I figured valentine, but when I saw V is for vomit a smile came to my face.



  2. Oh my gosh! I can’t stop laughing! Best post I’ve read all week!
    Sometimes, as a parent, you just gotta laugh…other times, you just can’t stop laughing!

  3. LOL! We had letter V this week to but left out vomit..LOL Stopping by from the hop =)

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