Valentine’s Family Day

After a very adventurous weekend ( think  little dog, big dog, skinny shady man and little old lady and cute police man *drool* and a photo line up) we have decided to have a family V-DAY today. V will not be standing for Valentines as we have our kids with us and it is also a province wide school day off.

So I was thinking….Vacation Day! or adVenture Day! Vawesome day! Vantastic Day!

Pardon my made up words but I quickly ran out of v words that would fit.  (there is also vibrate, vaginal and viagra but those v-words are for later).


… for the rest of you couples out there I would like to say

Vappy Valentines Vay!



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2 responses to “Valentine’s Family Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m visiting you from the Hip Homeschool Hop.
    U.S. Government and Economics for middle and high school homeschoolers.

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