I have been thinking….

which always is a bad thing

to take a moment and talk about my grade 5er boy and one of the reasons why I home learn him.

Here he is!

the other teacher
We Day 2010 Vancouver

Can you feel his nervousness? We were at We Day Vancouver 2010 where we got to see Jesse Jackson speak amongst others. A total exciting day that we will never forget. We made that shirt the night before.

Now I should give him a proper blog name because “grade 5 boy” or “10-year-old son” takes a long time to type and I am lazy. I always call him angel at home so I will call him angel here too.

My angel.

He has a gift that is known as a challenge but challenges are good. We learn and grow from them. We know that, right?

His gift is called Non Verbal Written Output.

What is that? I get asked all the time so I am willing to bet a blank white shirt that most of you want to know what that is too.

Well….it’s very deceiving.

Non Verbal Written Output.

Sounds like the kid is very quiet and shy and loves to write a lot. Doesn’t it? is the polar opposite! They are Chatty Cathy’s. Constantly talking. Always talking. I think (and from not meeting many other non verbal written output kids) they really seem to have quite the talent for critical thinking as well.

They make great story tellers. Non Verbal Written Output kids always have a massive vocabulary and put it to use. My son uses his to make his sister laugh and us.

The other gift is that they have hard time with small motor skills – like for printing. Now a days there are schools set up to get these kids on the computer to do their work. These kids, even at grade 7, could have 2 inch tall chicken scratch printing. I really do not believe that is the right thing to do. These people tell me that “Who cares? With technology who will be writing and printing anyways?”

What puzzles me about their argument is that they do not enter one very important factor:

home learning

Shit happens.

I worked once…a long time ago. I worked in an office where technology was everything and everywhere. From the phones to postage stamps. Everything was and still is computerized.

This made for some very efficient and I have to say cool work!

But ever so often….


the other teacher



Systems go down.

For about a mili second we would just stand there trying to think what we can do? Then we would here the V.P. He was still working…so we had to too. The day went on through manually filling out forms and post it notes.

No problem. We all know how to print. We were fine.

This why I make him practice printing and writing. He has gotten a great deal better too!


Well…not quite like that.


But we will get there.

There are some other aspects of non verbal written output but not for this post. I just really wanted to state my stance and why I make him print instead of teaching him to type.

If any of you got any questions on Non Verbal Written Output ask away!


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