Pink! The Ultimate ROAR!

Today is Pink Shirt Day!

A day to Stop Bullying by standing up against it.

But to do that there needs to be more information about it.


Some schools are great!

Every year they run programs with their students that inform what bullying is and what to do about it.

But some schools aren’t.

Like the one I pulled my kids from last year.

The same one I attended,

as well as my mother.

Well…they did put a poster up in the front entrance:

Cute eh?

Unfortunately, the only part of that poster was true was the type of dog.  That school did not have bull dogs.

I had to pull them. The amount of bullying and the fact that my daughter (who was in grade one at the time ) came home with bruises every day after being attacked with sticks by boys in grade 3 and grade 4. The fact that her stuff was being stolen and her older brother was blamed for it by the same kids who stole it. The fact that my son got extorted – or there was an attempt.  Even after all that and me informing the school there were no apologies to my children. Nothing got done about it.

But I put up a fight first.

Ink pink... Bullies stink!

Ink pink... Bullies stink!


I tried to get a bully awareness program going at that school.

I found a great program run by a lady who travels the country.

Full of information…

like empathy for the bully.

Yes. Empathy for the bully.

Kids who bully do so for just a small  amount of reasons.

Once the school can find out the reason, teaching different behaviors a cinch!

This lady who runs that program office was located a full 15 minutes away as well.

I informed the principle.

She said…

“Leave it with me.”

That was September 2009….

and still nothing.

Even after I left.

No bully awareness program.

Even after 7 other families left.

No bully awareness program.

Even after the threat of being closed due to lack of enrollment.

No bully awareness program.

If it was at all possible back then I would have got a group of parents together to bug the principle for one.

That could not have happened as most other parents who new what was going on did not want to get the parents of the bully angry.

I found out why.

We all did.

Pink Shirt Day is to remind us the impact we can have when we stick together when it comes these huge complex issues like bullying. Pink Shirt Day also reminds us to talk to each other about it. We find out that kids who are targets are not only not alone – but the majority!





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