So I said…

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So I mentioned to the teacher “I always worry I they are not doing enough.”

Report Card Panic Time ….again.

This is the third time where I have had to go through everything they have been doing then hand it all in to their teacher.

When I look through their work it never seems to be a lot but it sure feels like we do a lot here. In fact, we do about 3.5 to 4 hours one on one learning here but the amount paper does not prove it. We do a lot of discussing, explaining and praising.

For instance; my daughter just finished her socials for this term – Roles Rights and Responsibilities. We purchased a curriculum from the teacher and followed it as well as add a few projects. Sounds very cool but a lot of the curriculum is discussions with no right or wrong answer. I believe it is so that the student will learn critical thinking. With those questions I asked her and had her answer, then I got the rest of  the family to answer.

Some of the questions got a little heated.

Like this one (not word for word):

Elly did not finish her home work so her teacher made her stay in at break to finish her work. Was this fair?

I think it’s fair but I’m mean.

My teenage son said that it was not fair because she may wanted to do her home work but got disrupted some how.

My daughter said it was not fair because she has the Right to Play (UN Child Right –  article 31) .

Other adults say that it was not fair because kids need to eat and run.

I’m sort of alone in my thinking….

Anyways…you can see how this one question of eight got a good hour and a half debate going within my family and one neighbour. Proof of this discussion is my daughters written answer that looked something like this:


fair     not fair


yes it is not fair



Well a one word answer does not show the amount of learning that took place for her.

So I said to her teacher “We do a lot of discussions.”

She believes it – she knows my kids.

By the way….what do you think ? Is it fair to keep a student who did not finish his/her home work in at break to finish their work?



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2 responses to “So I said…

  1. If it’s the teacher’s break, too, I’d say no! Har!

    • hahaha…I didn’t think of that! Depends on the child…some children can be left alone and trusted to do the work (my middle) some others you have to be right next to them (my daughter) LOL

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