2 Weeks Off? seriously….I’m gunna…..

Well, the school board has given the kids 2 weeks off for spring break to save money.

Even though I home school or partially so, my kids are part of the public school district. I heard something about this not that long ago but never paid any attention to it. Now, well tomorrow, the kids will not go to their school for their 2 days a week for the next couple of weeks.

So I am left with a question…

….how mean am I???

I am once again considering making them do work during their break.

But is it really their break when….

the school board is only giving this time off to save them money and not because the kids need it?

I understand giving the kids vacations during the school year. They really do need some time off like we do!


…..I like those 2 days a week I get when are at school!

Okay…Okay….so lately I have been posting lot about getting away from my kids.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that it is winter. Cold, rain, storm, hail, wind, snow…means we stay inside in an itty bitty tiny townhouse together for an unnatural amount of time.

I think I told my daughter ‘No you may not get a youtube account!” about a billion times today and it is just embarrassing to hand back .50 cents to a stranger or a neighbour then explain my daughters does NOT have youtube channel with videos that she creates with her dolls and camera where makes money through adsense that she donates to Children’s hospital! She’s home schooled! Where the crap does she learn these things?

They have been begging me for sleep overs at their friends house and I in turn been trying to make sleep over play dates for them.

I got successful at times but not enough.

So to keep their minds busy and get them tired I am going to have them do french via Rosetta Stone and take them to plenty of parks with no camera or dolls!

For you non home school moms and dads, how do you survive the breaks? And for you home schooling parents do you give them a break when the local school district give the rest of the kids a break?



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2 responses to “2 Weeks Off? seriously….I’m gunna…..

  1. How bizarre. Schools are required to go a certain amount of days per year, so I don’t see how they are going to save money when they will have to make up the week eventually. But good luck!

  2. Very true but they are going by minutes missed. So the kids are going to somehow make up the minutes missed for that week off somehow (tacked on the end of the day, before school and/or lunchtime). I don’t think they worked it out yet. This was sort of an impromptu decision from them. Originally or earlier this year and last year they wanted to close down ( I think) about 6 schools ( could be more) but everyone fought back on that.

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