Beach blankets and Winter Jackets

We went to the beach…



fully loaded with tubs and paper cups.


Home School Break


Where the kids promptly began to kidnap crabs and starfish!


Home School Break


It was such a beautiful sunny day but a tad cold.


Home School Break


Who says that beach is only fun when it warm?


Home School Break

Well, maybe the starfish were hoping for a couple more months of peace before the kids come and tear them from the rocks, throw them in cups just to release them back into the ocean (but forgetting to take them out of the cups first.)

At least the seagulls are thankful for the Starfish a la Cup meal!




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12 responses to “Beach blankets and Winter Jackets

  1. Wow! What a resource to be so close to the beach! As someone who’s never lived near an ocean, it seems quite magical to actually see live starfish! Visiting from Hip Homeschool Hop.

  2. We love the beach–no matter how cold. And my kids always say they don’t plan on getting wet, but always manage to come dragging in sopping wet!

  3. Visiting from HHH. Looks like a fun day!

  4. I am diggin’ the feel of this particular blogging “gig!” I love the header, the explanation of “who you are”…etc., etc. I was cracking up!
    Here because of HHH! ;0)

  5. Awww, looks likes a wonderful day at the beach. I don’t believe we’ve ever found a starfish in all our vacations to the beach. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Found you through HHH.

  6. We spent THIS afternoon beachcombing! It was a sunny 46 degrees! LOL We climbed rocks in the Atlantic Ocean and search tide pools for shells. (Found a squirting clam!) And came back with SOAKED shoes! Stopping by from HHH and following!


    • ooo I would love love love to find a live clam! I always find the half shell for them. Your url tripped me up a bit – I had to ask my son to remind which ocean I was on. Us BCian’s always complain we get left out because of the mountains LOL. (by the way, we are a the pacific) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Cool! I’ve never been to a REAL beach. *gasp!* =)
    Here from the HHH..

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