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Is There Anything You Wish You Did Not Teach Your Child?

Home School

Well, aside from walking and talking (especially that word “Why” ).

I love teaching the kids, I really do. But at times it comes it comes at a cost.

Like peace….

and quiet…

and the ability to watch the news without the channel being changed just as it gets to the weather (or the traffic) and

having to create yourself a facebook page even though you did not want one just so you can keep an eye on your young teenager then ending up addicted to it ( more precisely Farmville)


the air splitting sound of your sweetheart repeating the same word the pain of a stubbed toe  pushed out of your mouth.


how about…



This past semester I had to teach my 7 year old girl the UN Charter of Child Rights.

UN Charter Child Rights Home School

This is her. She is making a garland of little children. Each of them representing a Right of a Child.

Food, family, name, shelter, protection to name a few.

The few I never hear about.

The one I always hear is the Child’s Right to….




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