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Questions and Answers For The Panicky

A lot of people have questions for me. Most of them are pretty common like…

Q) How so you socialize your child?

A) By poking them with sticks through their cage bars once in a while.


On the days they do go to school..

Q) Where are your children?

A) Locked in the basement.

(I don’t have a basement)

But I find I got questions. Most of them I need an answer to right away. I think many of us home school or partial home school moms do. Here is the questions that have come up this past, my first year, of home schooling. Especially for the crazy busy or crazy and busy, panic riddled home school moms.

Q) What do you do when you are out of ink and getting new ink is not an option at the moment?

A) Leave the computer, go to your room, shove your head in the pillow then say repeatedly – shit shit shit shit shit! After, look at what you want to print out. Is it a colouring page? If it is then you can save it to your computer then open it up on WordPaint. I use word paint but any painting program will do. Your child can use that program to colour. Is it a question form for done in pdf where you are prevented from changing the form? Now I am sure there is a simpler way of doing this but I do one of two things: I will manually type out all the questions in a word doc OR write them out in my child’s not book.

Q) What do you do when you require a book and can’t find it? For instance a textbook. Your looking for one. You got some friends looking for one, but as time goes by you begin to realize that if you had spent the same amount of time and energy and resources you could have found bigfoot by now and be rich! RICH!

A) Well, get yourself a bottle of wine because you got a date with the internet and it more than likely is going to be an all nighter!

Q) What do you do when your children are bouncing off the walls?

A) A very simple solution is something I learned from my favorite teachers, pack them up and take them outside for play. Even better; a run.

Q) What do you do when your child begs for you to read to them when they need to read themselves?

A) Give them reason to read (other than they need to. Children do not believe you when ever you say something is good for them and they need to do it until after they start. You know they got it when they start lecturing you about it. ). One way is to have them read to another child. Find a neighbour or a friend or another home school mom of a child younger than your child and have reading dates with them. I always find it amazing how quickly a child will jump for the chance to read to another child!

Q) What do you do when your child is doing anything but their work?

A) What I find works is a timer. I give them a generous amount of time to finish each question or page. No threat is needed because they want to get the work done before the timer goes off. I use my stove and have for some time now. My neighbours think I love to cook since I started this.

Q) How do you teach critical thinking when you home school?

A) Lets face it, to teach critical thinking you need several minds with different opinions and ideas discussing something that does not have a right or wrong answer. The dinner table is great for this if your family is big enough. Another way is to ask for support from your friends. Create a get together where what you need to be discussing is discussed. If you like to bake make some cupcakes and snackies and have yourselves a little witty party!

Okay so that is not a lot of questions and the answers are easy enough, but last year when I first started home schooling these are the questions I had that really bothered me. Some of them made me wonder if home schooling is a good idea and if home schooling something I can afford and if homeschooling is something I have patience for. I find now, a full year later, very little home school issues bother me because the answers are so simple and so easy that it can be hard to believe that’s all it takes. If you have just started…breath. This is something you can do!



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