Garden Plot and Modeling

We got a plot in the new community garden  in the park by our house.

Home school Garden

3 of these hardworking kids are mine. The other is the teenagers girlfriend.

Home School

They are filling in the plot with dirt.

(while I sit on my arse and take photo’s)

Home school Garden

Then compacting it.

Home school Garden

Which was like the BEST TRAMPOLINE EVERRR!

Home school Garden

I had to tell them to STOP!

Home school Garden

Before they jumped on these little strawberry plants.

Home school Garden

The blueberry bush did have to take a little abuse. It was used as a prop for my ever little model.

Home school Garden

I think they learned a lot today that I can apply, but mostly they learned that 6 inches of dirt makes for a trampoline and a very unstable runway.


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  1. That’s the way to do it! Make gardening and work fun 🙂

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