About The Other Teacher

I mother of 3 with 2 of them I am their teacher. Sort of. Those two do go to school 2 days a week with a wonderful supportive teacher available to all of us. I call it ‘partial homeschooling‘. No better way to put it I think!

After receiving many questions from a whole lot of people and with no real answer to give them, I decided to create this blog. Maybe we will find the answers as I go. I love to blog and find blogging about things are a great way to learn about those same things.

Oh, I should also mention a habit I have. Sort of the kind of habit that would make readers go ‘Am I at the right place?’ I love to change the look of my blog. Not the structure, the bones will always be the same, but every so often I need to get her (this blog) dressed in something different. You may notice a different header and background every once in a while. Maybe even once a week. So you can see me (the blog) in pink, white, black, gold, blue or rainbow at any given time and without notice. I would apologize and almost feel I should, but I am not. I love change and to change to the type of person that revamp’s every 2 years is not going to happen.