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Article Just What the Language Doctor Ordered!

Education World ® Lesson Planning: A Quotation a Day: Just What the Language Doctor Ordered!.

I found a neat little (huge) article I think I will start using on this blog and in home learning. Even if you do not home school you can place a little ‘quote of the day’ on a real sticky on your kids computer or game system or T.V. Doesn’t have to be daily, even once a week will work too. Give it a try!

I’m interested to see what happens!

To the right I am going to put a little quote of the week up that I will be choosing from the list provided at that article.


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A Cheat for Change

Meet little Jeremy, a boy being made known to many people because his teacher did something. Something us parents are always been careful not to do when helping our children with their homework. Something I have never heard of before. Something that made my jaw drop to my lap.

In an article at dot . learnt, Anna Batchelder tells a short and eye grabbing and heart thumping tale of a teacher stepping in and helping a child out in her article When Emotions Hijack Learning in a manner that would make the average parent scream ‘THAT’S NOT FAIR!” right along side their children. (please read then come back I got a point or two to make on the subject)

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