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Valentine’s Family Day

After a very adventurous weekend ( think  little dog, big dog, skinny shady man and little old lady and cute police man *drool* and a photo line up) we have decided to have a family V-DAY today. V will not be standing for Valentines as we have our kids with us and it is also a province wide school day off.

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Do Pro D Days Exist…

when we home learn our children?

My children are enrolled in a school with a home learners program that has an optional 2 day a week program. With that they get the same notices as all the kids at the school, including the Pro D notices. My children see and read these notices before I get a glimpse at them. With a ‘YAY Pro D Friday’ they dance around crazy. The thing is they do not go to the school in Fridays; they go on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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