Quick Common Questions About (my) Home Learning

How do you know what to teach?

My children go to school two days a week at a home learners program. The teacher in this program at the beginning of the year holds meetings with us parents to go through what the children will be learning for the following year. She has prepared easy for parents to understand sheet or two covering every subject and what they are expecting to learn. Easy peasy for us!

How do you know that you are covering everything?

Their teacher meets with us with regularity. She also needs work handed in so that we can prove to the higher powers (VSB or/and the province of BC) that we are teaching our children what we have to. We can always show up early for class and ask the teacher.

What is ‘partial homeschooling’?

A term I thought I made up until I Googled it. When we the parents/guardians teach some or most the curriculum.

How do you know how to teach the course?

Well I know my children. I know that if I sit them down with worksheets for them to learn science they will get bored and miss a lot. I know if I were to have them get out to learn math they will miss a lot. So depending on the subject and what we are learning I take with me the knowledge of what will work and what won’t. This saves a lot of time and frustration for the kids. When my children were in the public school system I used to go into’ the student led conferences’ and spend a lot of time explaining why this method did not or did very well work for my children. By then though, the report cards were done and it was time for the class to move onto another part of the subjects. At times, leaving my children with a lower grade than what they could have received if what they were learning was simply presented to them in a different manner. Creativity is the key when it comes to teaching anything to our children from math to manners.

Is it hard?

Yes! I mean NO! I mean Yes! At times yes and at times no. Comparatively speaking, public school is at times hard and at times not so hard. Private school and alternative programs are the same. The ‘hard’ in every manner children receives their education is quite different. I think research to find out what you and your children like, love and what you can tolerate is a good idea if you are in the position to choose.

What made you decide to home school?

A common question, but the answer is not quick. At times throughout this blog I will touch on the different reasons why I chose to home school.

Do you ever lose patience?

Let me answer that question with more questions: Do you with yours? Do teachers and staff with students? Yes at times I do. Breathing deeply helps as well as taking a break and walking our dog.

Socialization, is that important to you?


How do you make sure your children are properly socialized?

To ensure that my children learn different aspects of socialization such as manners and problem solving they are in some fun courses and have play dates. They also go to school two days a week where they do play on the playground.