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Mini Worlds for Grade 2 Science

My daughter, who is in grade 2, has to learn earth, air and soil this year as part of her science. Since the fall I have had her become more aware of clouds, wind, rain and the snow by taking photo’s and asking her lots of questions.

I also had her build a terrarium and monitor it.

First we took a very quick (3 hours) shopping trip to the garden center with a budget of $20.00 (we end up spending about $50.00) with the plan of getting just a few plants (we got 13 including a venus fly trap).

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Word-eee Wednesdays

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Is that a fish staring at me? YEP!

My son took that pic, he nearly drowned while doing so.

HAH! Just kidding. This photo was taken at the Capalano Fish Hatchery where they have large glass windows to view of salmon going upstream to lay their eggs. A truly amazing sight. When we took our kids there, my husband while reading something or rather on the wall fell behind us. When he caught up he was met with me going ‘OMG OMG you gotta take a look at this!’ and running back and forth from him to the windows. I have to say, watching fish jump upstream takes all adult out of us. My children were running back and forth from each window trying to fallow a the fish up. We must of spent a half an hour watching these salmon jump. I am so glad we went during a weekday when the place well mostly empty. We were able to explore each very cool part taking our sweet time at each place.

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Renovations, Home Homelearning & A Fright

Never mind the ‘Big One’ that I have been preparing for since I was a child. Never mind hurricane force November winds. Never mind a pipe bursting in my unit before Christmas (never happened yet). These disasters can’t hold a candle to a renovation while home schooling my children. Imagine dust, nails on the windowsill, brooms lying in wait across the floor and music blaring throughout the barren rooms, now try teaching math in the middle of all of this.

I was told by my neighbour that I could use our community hall to teach the kids while we do the renovations, I said ‘oh it really shouldn’t a problem’.  Doh! Was I ever naive! Or stupid! Whichever you prefer.

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