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What day is it?

You know the dream when you show up to work or school undressed or still in your pj’s? You know the one. The one when you think you woke up and ate and feeling confidant filled with energy you made your way. You showed up to your destination and chatted with a few people. Great convo’s too! You sat at your desk and get called up in front. You, with all confidence walk to the front. You turn around and greet your audience. Then everyone starts to stare at you. You hear giggles and see whispers amongst your peers. You feel perplexed. You wonder if you spilled something on yourself. So you look down and there…before your eyes and every one else’s… is the reason.

You are either stark naked or in your favorite pink unicorn pj’s and fluffy bunny slippers!

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Potatoes – A Threat to Take Seriously

Home learning is really fun but at times gets a little difficult.

This week I used the big threat.

No, the big threat.

It’s actually bigger than that, I used

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Word-eee Wednesdays

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Pocket Garden – share the seeds.

Are you like me?

Do you buy a ton of books for your children too?

I buy my children books all the time. They finish the book in a day and then it just sits there on the shelf itself becoming a book end.

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3 in 30

So this past week was the first week of back to partial home learning. We woke up late on Tuesday and then again on Thursday which are the days the kids go to their actual school.  I dragged my butt the each of those mornings which made for a doing nothing day but not meaning to. (there is still piles of clean laundry on my couch and scraps of paper in every corner and the kids room floor is made up of pet shops and halo figures) Normally when the kids actually go to school I do some errands and/or cleaning and calling of friends and what not. It totally was not my intention to stay curled up with my favorite blanket and watch the Dusk channel all day.

I had bad dreams last night.

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Who does the report cards belong to when you are the teacher?

The natural ownership of the report cards have always been the kids. The work is theirs that they either do or do not, and do well or do poorly. But since now I am their primary teacher does that change this?

Last week I handed another thick folder of work for each of my children just in time for the teacher to do the report cards. Which she did this past week. But I wonder now, if my children get a low grade would that be because I didn’t do a good job teaching them?

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