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Mini Worlds for Grade 2 Science

My daughter, who is in grade 2, has to learn earth, air and soil this year as part of her science. Since the fall I have had her become more aware of clouds, wind, rain and the snow by taking photo’s and asking her lots of questions.

I also had her build a terrarium and monitor it.

First we took a very quick (3 hours) shopping trip to the garden center with a budget of $20.00 (we end up spending about $50.00) with the plan of getting just a few plants (we got 13 including a venus fly trap).

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What day is it?

You know the dream when you show up to work or school undressed or still in your pj’s? You know the one. The one when you think you woke up and ate and feeling confidant filled with energy you made your way. You showed up to your destination and chatted with a few people. Great convo’s too! You sat at your desk and get called up in front. You, with all confidence walk to the front. You turn around and greet your audience. Then everyone starts to stare at you. You hear giggles and see whispers amongst your peers. You feel perplexed. You wonder if you spilled something on yourself. So you look down and there…before your eyes and every one else’s… is the reason.

You are either stark naked or in your favorite pink unicorn pj’s and fluffy bunny slippers!

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Word-eee Wednesdays

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Reason Why I Homeschool – 1 of hundreds? thousands? or million’s…we’ll see.

Read the  conversation here Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms

Really, I can’t think of anything more to say. Even if I could I can never say it so elegantly than Ken Robinson.


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A Cheat for Change

Meet little Jeremy, a boy being made known to many people because his teacher did something. Something us parents are always been careful not to do when helping our children with their homework. Something I have never heard of before. Something that made my jaw drop to my lap.

In an article at dot . learnt, Anna Batchelder tells a short and eye grabbing and heart thumping tale of a teacher stepping in and helping a child out in her article When Emotions Hijack Learning in a manner that would make the average parent scream ‘THAT’S NOT FAIR!” right along side their children. (please read then come back I got a point or two to make on the subject)

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Math Love

When I say the ‘mm’ in ‘math’ my 10 year old begins his frown and by the time I hit the ‘th’ his head is low and his his lip is pouting so much it’s practically touching his neck. He hates math. Although very good at it. So good that if I was not the one who gave birth to him, I would wonder if he was mine at all.

I sucked at  math. I still suck at it even with the calculator. I also do not trust my math and redo every question 3 times just to make sure that I get the same answer every time. But my son is not this way. He always gets it right every time. He is simply one of those people who understands the simple logic of math. None the less he hates it.

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