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Potatoes – A Threat to Take Seriously

Home learning is really fun but at times gets a little difficult.

This week I used the big threat.

No, the big threat.

It’s actually bigger than that, I used

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3 in 30

So this past week was the first week of back to partial home learning. We woke up late on Tuesday and then again on Thursday which are the days the kids go to their actual school.  I dragged my butt the each of those mornings which made for a doing nothing day but not meaning to. (there is still piles of clean laundry on my couch and scraps of paper in every corner and the kids room floor is made up of pet shops and halo figures) Normally when the kids actually go to school I do some errands and/or cleaning and calling of friends and what not. It totally was not my intention to stay curled up with my favorite blanket and watch the Dusk channel all day.

I had bad dreams last night.

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Breakdown of Changing Education Paradigms Part 1

One home learning mommy point of view…

Okay, so I do have a few things to say about this video. The one in the post below. In fact I have a few thoughts on each point he makes. As well as some other information I think would have made the video way too long to hold our attention.

school system in a nutshell So in the picture above he is talking about how the public school began. He tells of how the great minds thought it was not possible to educate children from working class ect ect. All very interesting but what he did not tell is the reason why we have summer vacation.Which goes a long with the great minds of the earlier centuries thoughts that children from lower classes can not be educated.

In an article A Brief History of: Summer Vacation in TIME,  Alex Altman explains what the thinking was when they were reforming the education system. The great minds actually thought that when children go to school all year round the poor little minds will go insane.

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